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Big Bugs on tour!

Visit the big bugs at intu Watford from 1-29 August

Have you ever wondered what tiny little insects really look like up close?

Well from the 1-29 August you will have a chance to find out, as intu brings the outdoors indoors right across the UK – with big bugs on tour at intu Watford.

This is your chance to see 12 giant, intricately-designed and extremely lifelike bugs up close as these giant bugs will be placed around the centre for ‘little explorers’ to find!

From honeybees to ladybirds, you’ll have the chance to examine the features of these magnificent creatures without the need for a magnifying glass, they are wonderfully realistic, so feel free to inspect them closely. You can even ride on the back of our ladybird. So, just like the insects themselves, this event is going to be unmissable. Plus, make sure to share your pics of our bugs on social media with the hashtag #BigBugTour

Big Bug Trail

Want to discover all 12 bugs? Pick up a trail sheet from the customer services desk, then make your way around the centre looking out for bugs in different locations. Once completed, head back to the customer services desk where you will receive your very own bug certificate.

Big Bug Crafting

Head to the event space on the lower mall between M&S and Next for some bug-tastic crafting during the summer holidays.

2 & 3 August – Plant pot decorating & bug gardens sticks

26 & 27 August – Honeycomb colouring bugs and crowns

Meet the bugs

Get to know the bugs a little better before they fly away.  Check out our fantastic free big bugs fact file below.

View fact file

Text our bugs

Fancy a chat with one of our bugs? Whilst they are visiting intu Watford you can have a text conversation with all 12 of the bugs. Visit the page below to find out how you can communicate with them!

Talk to our bugs

Bugs make you happy

New research has revealed that being closer to nature makes you 67 percent happier, but one in six kids  have not seen a single bug in six months! Here at intu we're making an effort to reconnect people with nature and make them happier.

Check out this study to find out more info.

Read the study

Save the bugs

Bugs make up about two-thirds of life on earth and are the backbone of a healthy ecosystem. However, due to climate change, pesticides and destruction of habitats, their population is in decline. Check out the article below on how you can help save our bugs.

Learn more

Build a bug hotel

It can be hard for wildlife to find safe hideaways in some gardens, so why not build a bug hotel? You can help provide the right habitat to increase numbers of insects in your garden. Plus, it’s a great use for all your garden waste.

Build a bug hotel

Free big bug goodie bags

intu family club members will be able to pick up a free big bug-themed goodie bag, but you'll have to be quick, there's only 500 up for grabs. Simply head to the customer service desk to pick up yours!

Not a family member yet?  The intu family club is completely free to join and by signing up you'll get exclusive offers and discounts around the centre, a free gift for your little one, a magazine and more!

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