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Electric car charging

intu Victoria Center has 32 electric car charging points across our car parks that are available to use during our opening hours.

Coming to see us in an electric vehicle? No problem! We currently have 32 lovely EV charging points across our multistorey and centre car parks. 8 charge points can be found on the top level of our multistorey car park and a further 24 can be found in the green car park of our centre.

The electric vehicle charging points are available to use seven days a week and can be used during our centre hours.

Electric vehicle charging FAQs

How many EV bays are available?

There are 32 EV charge points at intu Victoria Centre. Customers will find 24 EV bays in the green section of our centre car park and 8 EV bays on level one of the multistorey car park.

How do the EV charging points work?

Local drivers can sign up for the D2N2 scheme for a reduced tariff for electric charging. D2N2 is run through www.chargeyourcar.org/d2n2/register-for-app/

Alternatively, drivers can use a POLAR network card or key fob and pay standard POLAR rates.

The charge points all have RFID scanners for customers to scan their network card or fob to connect to the chargers.

How much does it cost?

Standard parking charges apply for electric cars using our car park to charge their car. There is no discounted parking for electric cars.

Do customers need their own charging cable?

Yes, customers need to provide their own charging cable, we do not supply them on site.

How fast is the charge?

The EV charge units charge at a rate of 7.4kw, enabling them to fully charge a typical car in approximately four hours.

How long can you park in an EV bay?

Customers can park their electric car in the car park for as long as they want, however we do ask that customers come and move their car from the EV bay into another car parking space once their car has finished charging. This will help to free up the EV bays quicker for other electric vehicle owners to also make use of the charge points.