Retailer Information

Welcome to the intu Victoria Centre retailer page.

This page tells you everything you need to know if you are a new or existing retailer at intu Victoria Centre. If you have any questions regarding the information below contact our designated Retail Liaison Coordinator, Jenny Street, available via 07824302993 /

Marketing Opportunities

Take a look at all the marketing opportunities we offer in our retailer handbook. This handbook highlights the campaigns we are running throughout the year, digital specifications, PR opportunities and much more.

Let's talk...

Retailer Forums...

We host retailer forums throughout the year. These forums are an opportunity to find out what events you can get involved with, any updates from the centre and also for you to raise any questions or queries you may have.

The dates for your diary, for retailer forums in 2018 are:

Tuesday February 5 10am Sevens House
Wednesday April 24 10am TBC
Wednesday 24 July 10am TBC
Wednesday September 25 10am TBC

Commercialisation Opportunities

Do you want to come out onto the mall to host your own event? Click here to see paid advertising options around the centre including mall space and digital advertising to promote your business.

For further details please contact our Commercialisation Coordinator, Andy Joyce -, 07795020114

Contractor Management and work permits*

*Please note a minimum of £10 million Public Liability Insurance is required.

All contractor access into the centre is controlled via an online system called Contractor Tracker (C Tracker).

C Tracker is a web based system that can be accessed from a variety of systems providing they have internet connection – including tablet and smart phones. It comprises of two stages which allows us to check the competence of contractors and also to ensure works carried out at our centre are as safe as possible.

All contractors and retailers must be registered on Contractor Tracker before access to the mall can be granted.

Stage 1

The retailer/contractor should register on the system at

To make things easier, this stage will only need to be done once, to access all intu centres.

Stage 2

Contractors need to complete an access request a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any visits to the centre.  To do this, log in to and click Access Request.

It's as simple as that.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the helpdesk on

When the centre is closed to the public, security officers maintain a security presence in the centre in patrolling the malls and proactively monitoring the CCTV systems.

Retailers wishing to open outside of normal centre trading hours must contact Centre Management in advance and fill in a Trading outside of Centre Hours Request Form. Costs will be payable by the retailer based on the amount of notice given, and the number for extra officers needed to patrol the malls and to safely evacuate the centre during the extended hours traded.

Please note we do not provided free parking above loading and unloading (max 30 min stay).

If you intend to stay longer please use either our Multi-Storey Car Park (Victoria Zone North) or York Street and Glasshouse Street Car Parks (Victoria Zone South)

Loud machinery and noise

The local authority Environmental Health Officer (EHO) have issued a renewed warning to the centre in regards to breaches of the noise restrictions on site at intu Victoria Centre.

Please ensure that all operatives on your sites/units are aware of the working times, in regards to shop fitting works/events/staff training (see below) and adherence to these times.

Any contractors or retailers found breaching these times will immediately be removed from site and any bonds held on account will not be repaid.

The local authority have been implicitly clear that they will look to take further measures should there be any breaches.

Permitted working hours for intu Victoria Centre are:

  • Monday – Friday                      08:00 to 22:00
  • Saturday                                 09:00 to 16:00
  • Sunday                                   No working

Stock merchandising overnight is permitted but you will need to let security control know that you are in your store/unit.

Please acknowledge this and ensure this is communicated to all persons working on your site/unit.

Security Training

We offer regular toolbox talks for any employee working within intu Victoria Centre. If you would like to enrol your staff in one of our upcoming talks contact Michael Kelby for dates and further information on

Service Road Rules

The following site rules have been developed to help ensure the safety of all users of the service yard areas. When accessing the service yard you, your employees and any contractors need to adhere to these guidelines. View here.

Parking at intu Victoria Centre

We offer subsidised car parking for permanent employees working within intu Victoria Centre. For unlimited parking, we charge £84 per month or we offer a 3 month pass for £225. We also offer a flexible parking pass. This can be loaded via the car park payment machines with up to £70 worth of parking credits and is then charged at £4.50 for every 24 hour period your car is parked within the centre. It will also charge once even if you enter and leave multiple times within the 24 hour period. Great for part time staff.

We require a £10 deposit for any passes and payments can be paid via cash or card at our Customer service desk, near John Lewies on the Lower Mall.

To qualify you will need proof of employment at the intu Victoria Centre Unit. Please fill out this form and take down to the car park office in the red zone car park.

Terms of use.

Nottingham Trams are providing us access to the Tram2Work discount scheme for both intu and non-intu staff members.

Please download and fill out this form. They will need to see proof of your employment here at intu Victoria Centre i.e. contract, payslip or a headed letter from your company signed.

Once the form is completed along with your proof of employment take all the information to the NET Travel Office (King Street, Nottingham, NG1 2DP) in order for the pass to be issued at the discounted rate.

Their discount is £425 per year without the discount it £499 per year.


At intu Victoria Centre we have our very own chaplain who is available for advice and guidance - Contact June Brown on 07759 394457.


If you have a vacancy please do not put signs in your shop windows.

Instead fill out this form with the details and send it to our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Andy Havard at Your vacancy will be posted on the Centre website and touch screens within 48 hours.

Retailer Staff Discount

If you work within one of the retailers at intu Victoria Centre, you qualify for our retailer staff discount scheme. Save up to 20% at your favourite stores and restaurants here at intu Victoria Centre. Check out the retailers that currently take part here. If you are not on this list and would like to offer a discount to everyone that works within intu Victoria Centre fill out this form and hand to the customer service desk.

We have over 95 stores and restaurants within the centre, each of which have their own full and part-time staff members who work and shop here 7 days a week. It makes sense to be a part of the scheme.

To apply for a staff discount card, fill in this form and take it to the customer service desk along with proof of permanent employment such as a pay slip or contract.

Nb, Managers - if you have a member of staff start or leave their employment please email their full name to Paul Beniston or Donna Henson

intu Gift Cards

The intu Gift Card is a prepaid, Swipe & Sign MasterCard® and should be accepted along with any other debit, credit or prepaid card under MasterCard’s “Honour All Cards” rule. If you haven't registered to accept intu Gift Cards yet please contact Paul Beniston on Further information about our gift cards can be seen here.

intu Gift Cards are the perfect way to reward your teams. You can buy one or several from the customer service desk or online. Cards can be loaded with £5 up to £1000.

Lost Property

A lost property service is administered from the Guest service desk for any items found in mall areas. Items should be handed to Guest Services where it will be registered and stored. Lost and found items will only be held for one month before being disposed of. Retailers are responsible for property found within their retail unit.

Window Cleaning

Unit frontage (including lights, windows, doors and shutters) must be cleaned internally and externally as often as required.

All window-cleaning contractors must be off the mall areas by 8.30am or prior to the centre opening hours, whichever is earliest. Any spillage is to be cleaned immediately and left in a dry condition.

All window cleaners must be registered on Contractor Tracker system (

Window merchandising and signage policy

In today’s increasingly competitive retail environment, it is more important than ever for our malls to look professional and welcoming to guests.

intu makes no apology for expecting a great deal from its retailers in the way they present their stores onto the malls. Making the absolute best of our first class retail environment is what sets us apart from other competing retail destinations that shoppers could choose over us.

Details of the standards intu expects from retailers will have been laid out in individual leases, the fit out guide and this handbook. Copies of these documents will have been provided to retailers at the time you opened your store but a summary checklist of the key criteria is attached to this memo. We would ask all stores to review their merchandising and signage against this checklist to ensure their stores are presented as per the criteria. See check list here.

The overall intention is to help retailers present their stores in the best light possible, complementing the Centre’s innovative design and appealing to your target guest, and in so doing positively encouraging shoppers to enter your store.

Plant rooms and riser cupboards

Plant rooms (internal or external) and mechanical and electrical riser cupboards within your store must be kept clear and free of debris. The Fire Officer will inspect these areas and will take action if blocked.

A centralised waste management system is in place used by the majority of retailers except large retailers who may have separate service areas and arrangements in place. All retailers are responsible for complying with the centre’s waste management strategy and the retailers’ rules and regulations.

Refuse disposal

• Retailers must complete the prescribed duty of care waste declaration form found here, and a signed copy must be returned to the Environmental Manager or Team Leader before using any waste receptacles within the service yards. Retailer waste cannot be disposed into our bins until the duty of care waste form is completed and handed over - this is a requirement by law.

• Retailers must keep a copy of the waste transfer note for two years from the issue date. Waste Transfer Note can be found here. Waste Transfer Note SIC Codes can be found here.

• Waste that is described as "toxic" or "harmful", or not included in the Duty of Care Waste Declaration Form, should be disposed of separately. Retailers must make arrangements with an independent contractor or through Centre Management where a separate charge will be made for disposal.

• All general waste is to be disposed of in clear refuse sacks secured and placed in general waste bins provided in the service areas marked ‘General Waste Only’.

This will be disposed of by Centre Management, except where it has been agreed that the retailer will provide its own compactors in which case the loading, maintenance and emptying of compactors is the responsibility of that retailer. Recycling bags are provided free of charge. Please contact the Environmental Services team or reception if you are unsure which recycling bin is required.

• It is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure that the refuse is taken to the service yard in the basement. Refuse must NOT be disposed of in service corridors or lifts.

• Any retailer who breaches this instruction will be charged for the removal and disposal of refuse and any cleaning required through leakage.

• All cardboard waste must be flattened prior to placing in the cardboard receptacles marked ‘Cardboard Only’.

• All plastic packaging must be placed in the receptacles marked ‘Plastic Waste Only’ or put into separate bags.

• Glass bottles must be placed in the correctly marked receptacles situated in each service area, or if not available, into General Waste. Do not put broken glass into the general waste bins.

• Sanitary waste from retailers’ units, i.e. sanitary dressings, nappies and medical waste, must be dealt with by external contractors arranged by tenants to comply with all current waste legislation.

It is critical to ensure that as much of the waste isrecycled to keep the service charge to its minimum.

To comply with all current waste legislation:

• Retailers are responsible for cost to the disposal of shop fit waste and furnishings. Locations for any skips must be pre-agreed with Centre Management.

• If you have any problems or need any help do not hesitate to contact Centre Management who will direct your query to the relevant member of staff.

Pest Control

The centre has a comprehensive pest control, cleaning and general housekeeping regime in place to manage and control rodent activity within common landlord

areas. Centre Management will deal with any pest control issues in these areas. Bait boxes within fire exit corridors must not be removed and any damage

to boxes during deliveries etc, must be reported to Centre Management.

All food retailers must comply with current Health and Hygiene legislation and follow best practise.

• Retailers must report any infestation to the Centre Management team as soon as it is noticed.

• All food premises must have a pest control contract in place at all times.

• The contractor must treat any sign of infestation of any type of pest or vermin, within the premises, immediately

• The Centre Management team will deal with any pest control issues in public & communal areas

• Any sightings should be reported to a member of the Centre Management team

• Retailers are responsible for pest control within their demise.

• Bait boxes within fire exit corridors must not be removed. Any damage to boxes during deliveries, etc. must be reported to the Centre Management team.

Retailers will receive a report of the findings and will be requested to address then within a reasonable timescale. A re-audit is then conducted of those units where the issues have been identified to check they have appropriately addressed.

Service Lifts

The service lifts must not be used in a manner which would exceed their loading capacity, with due margin for safety. Retailers and their agents will be charged for any damage they do to the lifts. Retailer contractors may use back of house service lifts to move their plant and equipment. Passenger lifts from the shopping centre must not be used for this purpose at any time without prior arrangements. If you notice a lift is out of order please call Security Control on 0115 912 1207.

No Smoking

In line with government legislation, smoking is not permitted in any area of the centre including the malls, corridors, service areas and food & leisure areas. This includes e-cigarettes. Fire exit corridors and external service areas are also non-smoking areas. Any staff found smoking will be banned from the centre.

Delivery trolleys

Deliveries of stock by trolley across the malls are prohibited during opening hours, although hand–held deliveries will be accepted in an emergency and with prior consent of Centre Management.

Spillages occurring during deliveries must be cleared immediately by the retailer from the service areas, service lifts, fire exit corridors and mall (if applicable).

Any trolleys used for delivery purposes must have non-marking rubber wheels and must be kept within the retailers unit or removed by the supplier/delivery company. The centre will dispose of any delivery trolleys left outside individual units .

Rubbish generated from deliveries can be disposed of as retailer waste through the internal system.

It is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 that all fire escapes and corridors remain unblocked so that egress in the event of an incident in the centre is unhampered. Any deliveries or delivery trolleys in a recognised escape route for longer than 15 minutes will be removed to a safe location within the centre. Charges associated with relocation and storage of retailer goods will be charged to the retailer.

Meters for gas, water and electricity

Retailers are responsible for their own gas, electrical and water supplies after the meter or within the store demise if the meter is located remotely.

If the electricity meter is not within the store demise, it will be located in a basement common meter room (the location can be advised by Centre Management).

If your water is not supplied by a local supplier it will come from the landlord’s network and be billed by intu directly. The meter will be in store or over the store’s rear door into the service corridor.

If you require any further information, please contact Centre Management. On vacation of your unit ensure that you advise all of your suppliers.

Food catering extract system

Food retailers are responsible for ensuring that the catering extract system is free from grease and a suitable and sufficient cleaning regime is in place.

It is a requirement of the lease that the catering extract hood and distribution ductwork is cleaned in its entirety from the cooker hood to the outlet on the roof as frequently as necessary depending on levels of contamination and after risk assessing contamination levels with your cleaning contractor , but as a minimum once per annum. However, catering extract cleaning specifications and the routine cleaning frequency must reflect the complexity of the equipment and the period of use (number of covers). TR/19 Guide to Good Practise gives guidance on appropriate timescales and standards of cleaning

Systems are inspected as a minimum quarterly or more regularly by Centre Management and all statutory certificates and evidence of appropriate maintenance of catering equipment is to be made available to Centre Management on request.

Cooking oil disposal

Food retailers are to ensure that cooking oil waste is disposed of through a reputable waste handler. Food retailers are responsible for moving waste oil in a responsible manner and cleaning any spillages in landlord’s areas. All spillages are to be notified directly to Centre Management.

Food hygiene standards (for healthy happy tummies)

The FSA star ratings are used by intu as an indicator of food and beverage operators’ food hygiene standards. Food business operators achieving 2 stars or below are strongly encouraged to engage with the EHO to implement an improved action plan and a request a re-audit with a view to achieving a minimum 3-star rating.

Retailers wanting to use the mall area for additional food service must obtain permission from Centre Management and must be registered with the Local Authority prior to serving food.

First aid facilities

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have appropriate first aid provision for all their employees and customers. Ensure that all incidents/accidents which are required to be notified to the authorities are reported to such authorities immediately. Ensure that any incidents/accidents which occur in landlord demise are reported to Security Control immediately.

Hiring a meeting room

Subject to availability, we rent out our meeting rooms at Centre Management for £15 per hour. Alternatively we have a half day rate at £30.00 and a full day rate at £50.00. If you require a larger space, we can offer a full conference room for £50 half day rate and £100 for the full day rate.

We accept payment by cash and BACS. Ask Centre Management for more information on 0115 8404153.