The three moves that give Victoria's Secret models their killer abs

Every year we sit in front of the TV (with snacks) and watch the VS models saunter down the runway, 72% legs. And every year we vow to get in shape. And every year it lasts a week before we’re back in Five Guys after one (read three) too many G&T’s.

But this year will be different, as we have insider gossip from none other than Justin Gelband; with a job description consisting of getting VS models runway ready, he knows a thing or two about whipping women into shape. Spoiler: HIIT is NOT the way to go.

Intriguing right? He revealed that his approach to training is not to kill your body; in fact, it’s the complete opposite. And it’s pretty hard to argue with his results…

Justin says ‘cut out the hour plus cardio sessions and focus on 30 minutes of intervals every day. Take a pilates, yoga or kickboxing class several times a week. Try to stay away from heavy exercises — lunges, jumps, heavy weights (anything over 5 pounds), kettlebells — as they add unwanted bulk.’

In a world of Insta fit-girls HIIT-ing all over the place this is brand new information, and we’re so happy right now. Check out Justin’s three signature moves tried and tested by the Angels themselves.

Treadmill intervals

Justin says: ‘If you are working out on a treadmill, where jogging is at 6.0 and running is 7.5, do a minute at 6.0, a minute at 6.1, a minute at 6.2, up till 7.5 then reverse back down. Whatever you do, do not sprint.’

Plank leg-raise

Start in plank position and pretend you have a string on your heel. Pull your leg all the way to the ceiling and then come back down, which will work your legs, butt, arms and abs all at the same time. Do 12 reps on each side.

Tiny crunch

Lie on your back, engage your stomach and pick a focal point on the ceiling, reach up with your arms toward the ceiling, going up three inches and then down three inches, all without letting your shoulders touch the ground. Do 3 sets of 15.

We’ll be in the gym if you need us.

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