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Trafford City

An altogether different community

There’s a destination in Greater Manchester created by the Ship canal, the Bridgewater canal and the motorway.

It’s a destination for over 40 million customers/visitors every year, to enjoy their free time and their hard earned money on world-class leisure, entertainment and retail facilities. And where thousands of people work hard every day to make all this happen.

We have an opportunity to make it even better, to put it on the map for people near and far. To improve links between the amazing assets already there. To build shared spaces, green spaces, spaces to live and relax. To draw independent businesses and investors, to create a thriving place for culture.

We’re talking about building a community and making connections beyond just customer and retailer. Building a city within a city, where people from all over the world want to stay, even aspire to live, put down roots and realize their ambitions.

To create not just a place, but a destination altogether different from anything the region has seen before.

We call it…Trafford City.

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