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Quiet hours

We host regular quiet hours every Wednesday 10am-11am, all year round.

* This is an ongoing event*

For some people, shopping centres can be a stressful experience. If you see, hear, or feel the world in a different way, we'll be making simple steps to improve the shopping experience for our customers throughout the year with our Quiet Hours.

From autism to dementia, this hour is for anyone who prefers a more quiet setting within intu Trafford Centre. We'll turn down the music, dim the lights, and our staff will be on hand with guides to the centre that may be of use.

Our Quiet Hours run every Wednesday 10am -11am throughout the year.


Christmas is a busy time for shopping and whilst we will still be running quiet hours during the festive period, please bear in mind that the malls will be a little more busy and noisy than usual.