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Leon have launched a new dish

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The gluten-free Katsu joins other best-selling dishes on the menu such as the vegan Jack Wings and vegan LOVe Burger.

The curry, playfully coined ‘Lucky Katsu’ is made with LEON’s already famous GFC (gluten-free chicken nuggets) and an aromatic, coconut-based curry sauce, making it the first Katsu curry available at a high-street restaurant brand that is both coeliac friendly and made without dairy. Made using sustainably sourced gluten-free chicken with Red Tractor accreditation*, fresh herbs and spices, the new Katsu curry is packed with flavour but free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Named Lucky, after the double meaning for the word Katsu (meaning ‘cutlet’ and ‘to win’ or ‘to be victorious’ in Japanese), the curry will launch on 12th September in all LEON restaurants at a price of £7.45 and will be accompanied with LEON’s brown rice and vegetable slaw.

The Lucky Katsu joins additional dishes, such as the best-selling Lentil Masala that will return to the new Autumn menu at the same time for £4.95.