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KIKO Milano new collection 'Lost in Amalfi'

Set off to discover Made-in-Italy beauty with LOST IN AMALFI and let yourself be enveloped by the scent of an all-Italian summer!

KIKO Milano is delighted to announce the launch of the new Fall collection ‘Lost In Amalfi’. This stunning new collection is inspired by Amalfi’s sensational scenery, traditional majolica ceramics and the divine citrus scents of the South! Combining the most stunning colours from golden terracotta’s to azure blues and punchy pomegranate, the collection will conjure all the joy of Amalfi’s sun kissed coastline!

Why not treat yourself to:

• A complete line of exclusive makeup, skincare and accessories

• A selection of textures enriched with heady citrus and flowery fragrances to immerse yourself in the charming Mediterranean atmosphere

• Sophisticated ultra-pigmented shades and vibrant glamorous hues inspired by the colours of the Amalfi Coast, to create sophisticated and elegant makeup looks

• Made-in-Italy cosmetic formulas with extraordinary performance test results, that are no-transfer, water-resistant and long-lasting

• Packaging with an eye-catching design, inspired by the traditional majolica tiles of the Amalfi coast

Discover an all-Italian passion for beauty: LOST IN AMALFI is waiting for you in store now - see here for the latest store opening times.