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Keeping you safe during your visit

Leisure, food and drink at intu Trafford Centre - find out how we’re keeping everyone who visits safe and how we're operating at this time

Our priority as we start to come out of the lockdown is to keep people safe. Nothing is more important to us and we will continue to make sure our centres are clean and safe places to be. We have looked at every element of what we need to do to run our centres as safely as possible and we have common principles that have guided our decisions.

Please watch our video for an overview of this new way of shopping at our centres:

Face coverings

Everyone that visits our centre, whether that’s to work or to shop, will need to wear a face covering. A face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth. Anyone not wearing one, could be refused entry to the centre or asked to leave. There are some exceptions, these being children under 11, people with disabilities or those with breathing difficulties. Members of the team will be on hand to support our visitors throughout their visit.

Leisure, food and drink

Please follow the below safety advice when visiting The Orient;

  • When dining please stick to your social bubble
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Please do not move the tables in The Orient
  • Please use contactless payment where possible
  • At busy times we encourage visitors to enjoy their takeaway outside of the centre.


Are you implementing a rule of one customer per family or can we visit as a family? Can I bring my kids with me?

You’re welcome to shop with your family or social bubble, if you’re coming with children please make sure that they also follow the social distancing guidelines.

The number of people allowed into centre will also depend on the current capacity of the centre at any given time to allow for social distancing, so where possible try to limit the numbers in your group.

Visitors can still very much expect our usual, warm welcome, but it’s important to monitor capacity very carefully and stay within the recommended limits. It is likely therefore that we will have a queuing system outside centre entrances to regulate footfall. All visitors well need to maintain at least a 1 metre (plus) social distance and wear a face mask.

I’ve booked a slot with [xxx] store/ restaurant / leisure operator, do I still need to queue up outside?

If you have a time slot booked with a brand or have a restaurant/cinema booking, please allow extra time, as you may need to queue to get into the centre during busier times, and then again to get into the brand itself. If you have a time slot booked with a brand, please bring proof of the booking with you. Please show this to the member of staff manning the door and they will let you in.

But why do I need to queue if I’ve booked a time slot?

Those brands that are running a booking system will be managing this themselves – so it’s best to check with them directly about whether you will need to queue once at the store.

Why do I have to queue at a store/brand?

Each of our brands will be managing the capacity of people within their units so that they can ensure that they are able to maintain social distancing and keep everyone as safe as possible. This may mean that you will have to queue if the store has reached its capacity.

I work for one of the stores/restaurants/leisure operators in the centre, but if there is a queue how will I get in?

We would encourage you to have discussions with your line manager regarding your journey to and from work.  The centre has staff entrance points separate to that of the main entrances, so again speak with your manager to find out if there are alternate routes.

Do you know when other retailers will be opening up and when all of the shops, restaurants and leisure spaces will be back open?

Some of our brands are taking a cautious approach to reopening their stores, as we all get used to this new way of shopping. For more information on when your favourite brand will be open, please contact them directly.

Can I still use my intu gift card now you’re in administration?

intu Gift Cards are issued by EML Payments Europe Limited (EML) who are the parent company of Flex-e-Card Limited, the UK-based provider of gift card services to intu – you will see Flex-e-Card’s name on the reverse of intu gift cards.

EML have confirmed that all funds associated with these cards are held in a designated client account under the control of EML only. EML settles with Mastercard on a daily basis for all transactions that occur on these gift cards.

This process is entirely independent of intu and will continue to happen regardless of ownership or control of intu. EML’s obligation is to its cardholders as per the terms and conditions of its cards, and to Mastercard as per its membership agreement. The appointment of Jim Tucker, David Pike and Mike Pink of KPMG LLP as administrators of intu properties plc does not alter these obligations.