Child safe shopping

Lost children

intu Trafford Centre is a child safe shopping centre and as part of our family facilities, we offer a hotline number to assist parents and guardians in finding children who have been separated whilst out shopping. Please call 0161 749 1720 to speak directly to our Customer Services team who will help you.

Tips for parents:

  • Teach your child to recite their name, address and telephone number.
  • Get a free wristband and read through it with your child, filling in the spaces for guardian's name and contact number.
  • Sew or write their surnames only in any clothing.
  • Encourage young children to stay close and hold your hand or trolley.
  • Pushchairs and wristbands are available free of charge from the Customer Service desk in the Main Dome.
  • Make sure that children know that intu Trafford Centre staff wear orange scarves and ties and also intu name badges - look for the little bird!
  • If you have lost a child inside a store, enquire at the nearest till. If on the malls ask a member of intu Trafford Centre staff or at the Customer Service Desk in the Main Dome.
  • Children remain your responsibility. Please DO NOT leave them unsupervised, especially when using lifts and escalators and near fountains and water features.

If you are little and lost:

  • STOP, stand still and LOOK around. DO NOT run around.
  • If you see the person you came with, go straight back to them and hold their hand.
  • If you cannot see the person you came with go straight to the till if you are in a shop.
  • If you are out in the malls look for a member of intu Trafford Centre staff who has an orange scarf or tie and name badge on.

Free wristbands

Losing a child, even for a few moments, can be very distressing and so for peace of mind you can visit our Customer Information Desk in the Main Dome to collect a toddler wristlink or security wristband for your child.

All you need to do is write your mobile number on the wristband so you can be easily contacted should your child get lost.  These wristbands are bright, waterproof and tough, so as well as shopping they are ideal for other days out or journeys into busy towns and cities.