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Thameen fragrance pop-up at Selfridges

Experience the niche fragrance brand as it pops up just outside Selfridges

Attention Thameen fans!

Don't miss your chance to try and buy the niche fragrance at the pop-up hosted by Selfridges in the Main Dome 17-23 November and 8-14 December – just in time to get ticking off that Christmas gift list.

Thameen London's specially crafted perfumes are inspired by a love for precious fragrances.

They are named after the world’s most enchanting and precious jewels. ‘Moon of Baroda’, for example, is Marlyn Monroe’s treasured diamond in the film “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Royal Sapphire is the blue sapphire centrepiece in Her Majesty the Queen’s Crown for state occasions and on display in the Tower of London.

Thameen uses the very best and rarest of ingredients, including vetiver from Haiti or Taif rose from the desert oasis.

Thameen fragrances are noted for their longevity, with a significantly higher concentration of oils than ‘eau de perfums’ on the market.

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