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Sealife presents 'Ascarium'

Sea witches, spells and surprises turn sea life from aquarium to Ascarium

Dive into the creepy deep this half term with the return of SEA LIFE Manchester’s Ascarium trails and experiences this Halloween.

Follow the immersive trail to find the missing potion ingredients hidden throughout the displays, and deliver this ingredient list directly to the site’s sea witch, who will reward brave guests for their help with an exclusive reward!* You can also play a game of Trick or Treat, where brave visitors will reach into three mystery barrels; while all contain a spooky surprise, only one contains a terrific treat!

Throughout the trail, guests can also learn about some of the many monsters of the deep that SEA LIFE Manchester has on show, with its resident Green, Sea Turtles Cammy & Ernie being a particular highlight. There are also opportunities aplenty to play games and enjoy activities.

Visit SEA LIFE Manchester to take part in the Ascarium adventure. Running from 12th October until 3rd November, this ‘spooktacular’ experience is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Entry starts from £16.95 So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets via www.visitsealife.com/manchester, unless you’re scared, that is.


*Subject to availability.

**Terms and conditions apply.

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