Black Mountain
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Black Mountain

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At a site 100 miles from the nearest native reservation, during a Canadian winter, a group of archaeologists have made a startling discovery: The tip of a mysterious, ancient structure, which bears some archaic engravings. The crew, led by Jensen, attempt to decipher it but some mysteries are better left buried. As they delve further into the structures origins, things at their camp turn strange. Communications fail, local workers suddenly disappear and the men are stricken with a terrible illness. Its not long before they begin to feel the effects of solitude and then things get really bad Awards and Reviews: Winner of the Bloodie award for Best Cinematography at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival (2014) When a horror film can leave my jaw literally hanging at several points in the plot, I know that I am not watching any ordinary film. A great surprise A solid addition to the movie tradition of arctic thrillers A build of quiet isolation and paranoia that jumps through the screen into the viewer's mind. 4/5 stars Reminiscent of The Thing, Black Mountain is a superb example of story and character development, with some stunning direction Infernal Cinema Being an audience member of Black Mountain is like being thrown in the middle of a nervous breakdown miles from civilisation Bloody-Disgusting Frequently atmospheric and tense; haunting cinematography