Mountain Buggy Duet Aerotech Wheels
Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Duet Aerotech Wheels

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The Mountain Buggy Duet EVA 10 Inch All Terrain Wheel Set are puncture-proof to beat those thorns!Pneumatic Tyres can be an issue, they are best for comfort on bumpier terrain, however by their nature they can puncture. You have a number of solutions for your Duet pushchair, either insert a solution which aims to stop punctures or simply replace air tyres with puncture proof tyres like these.The tyres feature a hollow core, so are not solid and still offer some comfort, however, they are at their best on the city streetsSet of four wheels - only suitable for the Duet 2017+Replacement wheel setOnly suitable for Duet 2017+Hollow corePuncture proofSet of 4