Mountain Buggy Bagrider, Black
Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Bagrider, Black

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About this product

Ever been in the situation where you're in the airport, or maybe walking to the hotel in a new city on your travels and your toddler complains about tired legs The Mountain Buggy Bagrider is a great and simple solution to help with that!A real problem solver: the Bagrider is a simple solution for tired toddlers. It's a bag that turns into a child seat simply and quickly. It's adaptable, so you can use it as a regular suitcase but when the need arises, you can put the extra wheels down that are tucked into the back of the case with the simple twist of a button and attach the cushioned seat liner to the handle.Either on its normal two wheels or in the four wheel seat mode, the Bagrider is highly manoeuvrable. it's safe too, there is a 3-point safety harness on the seat liner to stop your little one falling off, and because the case is mountain buggy tough, it can easy hold the weight of a child up to 15kg (approx 3 years), and is suitable for children from the time they can sit upright unaided (roughly 9 months).When using as a suitcase, this is a good sized carry on bag at 35L, with room inside to store much more than the seat liner and includes a mesh pocket on the back of the seat liner for easy access to your passport or phone. We think you'll love the convenience of this product and we're sure your little one will enjoy the novelty of the Bagrider!Suitcase with extendable handle and seat liner Stabilising fold-down extra wheels Padded seat liner can hold a child up to 15kg Includes 3 point harness for safety Carry on bag, 35L volume, Dimensions 520mm H x 380mm W x 260mm D