Lascal Saddle for BuggyBoard - Red, Red

Lascal Saddle for BuggyBoard - Red, Red

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With the Lascal Saddle for BuggyBoard, you can add an extra seat to your pushchair! This saddle can be attached to the BuggyBoard (sold separately) simply and quickly and gives your toddler the option of resting their legs whilst looking towards you and watching the world go by.We know that taking toddlers out for an extended outing with a younger sibling sat in a stroller can become a real challenge sometimes. You might end up with a very tired and grumpy child. This saddle is a brilliant idea to keep your toddler comfortable and safely within your sights. There's also a handle for them to hold onto as well so they feel secure.When the Saddle is not in use, it can quickly fold down. Ideal for the times your toddler decides they would prefer to stand, or when you wish to hook your BuggyBoard up and out of the way.To attach the saddle is simplicity itself. Simply slide it onto the buggy and click into place. No tools needed!