X20i Reference In-Ear Headphones

X20i Reference In-Ear Headphones

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About this product

Breaking all barriers, the X20i Reference In Ear Headphones by Klipsch set a new standard in headphone acoustics. Powered by a true two way dual armature design, the high horsepower KG 926T woofer is mated to a high resolution KG 125B super tweeter. This results in a palpable sound character and makes X20i the broadest bandwidth in ear headphone available from the pioneering US brand.When Klipsch built the X20i, they didn't just want you to hear the quality. Klipsch wanted you to feel the quality all the way through the product. That's why the X20i is made from surgical grade stainless steel housing that's cool to the touch and neatly protects the brains behind the acoustic magic.As the flagship for Klipsch in ear headphones, the X20i sets a new standard in headphone acoustics. As part of a true two way dual armature design, it features a high horsepower KG 926T woofer.Advanced three button mic and remote provide seamless control of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod while listening to music, watching movies and answering phone calls.With the new Reference X Series, Klipsch created an even smaller, better performing microphone. Conversations will be clearer. This is a true hands free microphone.