Vitality Revealed Neck Mask
Nannette De Gaspe

Vitality Revealed Neck Mask

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About this product

Nannette de Gasps Vitality Revealed Neck Mask is a revolutionary, waterless treatment that works deeply and continuously to restore your skin back to its beautiful, youthful self. Utilising techstile technology originated in Japan its illuminating, age reversing formula is embedded into the masks fibres and activated by gentle massaging. The result? Skin is restored back to its youthful state, feeling firm, soft and supple.Nannette de Gasp Vitality Revealed Neck MaskApplication: This skin vitality ritual is a 5 day intensive protocol consisting of one bio stimulant dry techstile infuser. The sachet contains one infuser (the infuser should be resealed after use and may be used up to 5 times). With the formula side (non printed side) against your cleansed neck, position the techstile infuser by slipping your ears through the slits on each side of the masque. Next, take the piece of ribbon and thread it through one of the small slits on the bottom portion of the masque. Behind your neck, thread the ribbon through the slit at the opposite end and tie it in a bow for a snug fit. Adjust as needed. Activate the formula by lightly massaging the surface of the techstile. Repeat 3 to 4 times. Wear mask for 15 minutes. After use, allow the skin to absorb the formulation. No need to rinse. Refold the masque with the formula side facing inward and place it back into the hygienic pouch. Reseal the pouch using the zip