Victory 10x25 pocket binoculars

Victory 10x25 pocket binoculars

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Even at the longest distances and its pocket size, the Carl Zeiss VICTORY 10x25 binoculars shows its strengths: maximum brightness and the finest details through to the deepest twilight. The 10x magnification can be operated with ease and precision thanks to the Comfort Focus concept, even wearing gloves. The ergonomics of the housing are hugely impressive, while at the same time the double link bridge design sets new standards of robustness.Features:Innovative optical conceptUnrivalled brightness, thanks to a light transmission of up to more than 95%. This unique result is created by the innovative optical concept of the VICTORY HT range. It is made possible by the perfect interplay of SCHOTT HT glass, the Carl Zeiss T* multi layer coating and the Abbe Knig prism system. With this high performance innovation package you can, for example, observe for longer than ever before when out hunting even in the deepest twilight.Ergonomic Comfort Focus ConceptTop quality user ergonomics that is the promise of the new Comfort Focus Concept with its focussing wheel. The strikingly large focussing wheel is set a long way forwards on the bridge. This means it is easy to turn with your index finger even wearing gloves. Plus the exceptionally long gear ratio makes focussing quick and precise.Extreme robust Double Link BridgeThe extremely robust construction offers the very highest levels of precision and durability. The housing, with its innovative Double Link Bridge, is made of high tensile, ultra light magnesium. The focussing wheel is securely embedded in the housing. This means that the VICTORY HT is perfectly equipped for use even in the most extreme conditions.Brilliant FL conceptThe brightest binoculars are also the most brilliant. The tried and tested FL concept enhances the entire observation experience: image sharpness and colour brilliance at a whole new level.Through the use of special fluoride glass you will hardly notice any chromatic aberrations at all. The FL concept is a guarantee of outstanding imaging performance and high contrast images.LotuTec coatingEnjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather. The LotuTec coating ensures that water simply rolls off the lenses and dirt can be removed without a trace.Design for perfectionThe elegant and ergonomic design makes the VICTORY HT binoculars far easier to use. The particularly slim construction of the Double Link Bridge and an extremely large grip on the lens barrels make these binoculars exceptionally natural and easy to handle. This ensures smooth imaging in any situation, however they are held. In this way the design supports the highest standards of perfect visual experiences.