Upper Assam pyramid tea bags box of 15
Newby Teas Uk

Upper Assam pyramid tea bags box of 15

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We find it hard to think of something more refreshing that that first sip of tea in the morning. Newby Teas UK must agree, as the brand has travelled far and wide in search of the finest flavours and the best brews aiming to revive our favourite beverage. Assam tea originates from the eponymous region of east India. The whole leaf blend is contained in silken pyramid bags to bring out the robust, malty taste and sweet honey after notes, and is best enjoyed at breakfast time with slices of hot, buttered toast.Newby Teas UK Upper Assam pyramid tea bagsSilken pyramidsPlace one silken pyramid into freshly, fully boiled water. Brew for 3 5 minutes.Box of 15