Universal Soundbar Remote Control

Universal Soundbar Remote Control

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We know this sounds a bit unlikely, but, honestly, this is a remote control that is *actually enjoyable* to use. Because even in our hyperconnected age, we still for some reason seem to have loads of remote controls on the coffee table. The Bose Soundbar Universal remote control sorts that out it shows you buttons relevant to whatever you're doing. And looks good. The Bose Universal Soundbar Remote only shows you buttons relevant to the task at hand. Whether youre listening to music or watching TV, the remote automatically adjusts itself to light up the buttons you need at that very moment. That way, you never have to go searching for the right buttons again.You know quality when you see it, so ditch the scientific calculator look, because this is a remote that youll be proud to display. Designed to be sleek with a premium aluminium accent and seamless elastomer keypad thats soft to the touch, so not only is it beautiful to the eye, it feels great in your hand, too."