U12T In Ear Headphones

U12T In Ear Headphones

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About this product

With these U12t headphones, everything that 64 Audio has learnt about in ear headphones comes together, including immersive sound and impeccable spatial imaging. Using reference level detail, the in ear monitoring is up there with the best for multi instrumentalists, engineers and audiophiles. As with all of the brands IEMs, this model can be used with a wide range of personal audio devices you just have to decide where youll take them.Tia DriverAn open balanced armature speaker design for realistic resolution and transparency. By opening a balanced armature, the diaphragm becomes fully unobstructed, reducing resonance in the IEM and allowing sound to travel more naturally to the earTia Single BoreA huge advancement in eliminating unwanted tube resonance. The large bore itself serves as a sound shaping chamber and aids the tia high driver in delivering a linear and coherent frequency responseTia Acoustic Chambershis specific structural design optimizes driver performance with precise placement of each internal component. The exact placement of each driver delivers what many describe as a three dimensional, holographic soundstageAlleviate Listener FatigueWhen you seal a miniature speaker in an ear canal, the air inside becomes trapped. Apex relieves this air pressure, allowing the eardrum to move naturally, so you can comfortably listen longerExtend The SoundstageFreely moving air extends the soundstage and provides a more natural listening experience. It also preserves bass frequencies and helps the listener distinguish individual instrumentsHigh Fidelity ListeningApex lowers decibel levels while preserving the clarity of the sounds around you, so you can stay aware of external sounds, without distracting from your music