Trish Mcevoy Petite Makeup Wardrobing Page
Trish Mcevoy

Trish Mcevoy Petite Makeup Wardrobing Page

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About this product

Designed to fit Trish McEvoy's patented Makeup Planner system, this environmentally friendly refillable mirrored page can be custom filled with any combination of your Trish eye and face colours. This black lacquered customisable make up page features a windowed lid which enables you to see your page's contents at a glance, while the revolutionary magnetic design ensures each pan will stay locked in place until you are ready to refill or rearrange your colour. Make up sold separately.Trish McEvoy Petite Make up Wardrobing pageUltra sleek black lacquered case, magnetic closure, standard ring design interchangeable between Planner sizesMake up sold separately