Toishi Pro #1000 grain sharpening stone 21cm

Toishi Pro #1000 grain sharpening stone 21cm

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About this product

Miyabi's Toishi Pro is a synthetic ceramic whetstone for knife sharpening. It is based on the Chosera series by Naniwa, which ranges among the best whetstones worldwide, and ensures the best sharpening results through the quick removal of material. Even the best knife will lose its initial sharpness during the course of time. The Toishi Pro is fine tuned to the Miyabi knives but is very versatile so can be used to sharpen all grades of knives professionally. It wears extremely well and comes in #1000 grain for optimum sharpness.Miyabi ceramic sharpening stoneWidth 21cm, height 7cm, depth 2.5cmSuitable for all knife types and material (with the exception of ceramics)