Super Mario Maker 2 Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch

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Alexander the Great wept salt tears the day he realised there were no worlds left for him to conquer. If only the Super Mario Maker 2 game were around at the time, as he would have been much cheered by the discovery that he could just build new ones instead. This Nintendo Switch game allows you to create your own courses packed with features and then to conquer them. Making Super Mario courses has never been easier or more fun with a friend. You and a friend can build a course together on a single Nintendo Switch console. Objects and enemies can be placed around different theme and style worlds including new Super Mario 3D World.Super Mario Maker 2 comes with a new story mode to help rebuild Princess Peachs castle. Build the castle by completing over 100 original levels built by Nintendo which may help inspire you to build your own.Show of and share your creations with up to 4 friends at the same time in local wireless multiplayer on their own Switch consoles. Play as Mario Luigi, Toad and Toadette to try out your courses in new and unexpected ways.Upload your own creations online for other players to download and play with Nintendo Switch Online Membership (sold separately). You can also search and download other players courses for you to try and beat for offline play later.