Super-ELMAR-M 18mm camera lens

Super-ELMAR-M 18mm camera lens

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The Leica Super ELMAR M 18mm f/3.8 ASPH. camera lens features a lens element with two aspherical surfaces, ensuring outstanding optical performance across the image plane and at all f stops. With the lens set to maximum aperture and mounted on a traditional Leica M or digital LEICA M8 model, vignetting an effect which is inherently more prevalent with super wide angle lenses amounts to a nominal 2.3 stops or 1.7 stops on an M8. Stopping down to f/5.6 reduces the vignetting to a value of 1.3 or 1 respectively. Maximum distortion, in turn measures only 1.8 percent and is virtually undetectable to the human eye. The LEICA ELMAR M 18mm f/3.8 ASPH, not only offers optimum image performance, it has compact dimensions for its focal length and provides all Leica M users with an economicalintroduction to super wide angle photography.Angle of View (diagonal, horizontal, vertical):for 35mm: 100, 90, 67 for LEICA M8 models (18 x 27mm):84, 74, 53 Optical design Number of elements / groups: 8/7 Focal Length: 18.3mm Entrance pupil position: 19.8mm Focusing range: 0.7m to infinity Distance setting Scale: Combined meteer/ feet graduation Smallest object field: 827mm x 1241mm (35mm), 620 x 931mm (M8) Highest reproduction ratio: 1:34.6 Aperture Setting/ Function: With click stops, half values available, manual diaphragm Lowest value: 16 Number of blades:9 Bayonet Leica M quick change bayonet with 6 bit lens identification bar code for digital M models. Filter mount/ Lens hood Male thread, non rotating and with stop for filter holder or lens hood. Dimensions and Weight Length: 58mm (2.28 in) Largest Diameter: 61mm (2.4 in) Weight: approx. 310g (10.93 oz.)