Something for a cactus throat spray 50ml
Biocol Labs

Something for a cactus throat spray 50ml

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About this product

Biocol Labs has been making health essentials from all natural ingredients for more than 40 years now. So, yeah, ahead of its time. With science at the heart of the company (seriously: some of their work is taught in universities), Biocol develops supplements that combat the stresses of modern life. Like the throat soothing something for a cactus throat, which is packed with copper, propolis and Icelandic moss.Biocol Labs spray50mlIngredientsingredients per 8 ml:propolis extract 960 mg, iceland moss extract (cetraria islandica) 600 mg, lemon essential oil (citrus limon) 168 mg, peppermint essential oil (mentha piperita) 72 mg, copper (cupric sulfate) 3,93 mg (1 mg of cu), demineralized water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, maltitol, glycerineNutritional informationPortion Size XX gEnergy kJ XXXX per 100g / XXX Per PortionEnergy kcal XXX per 100g / XXX Per PortionFat (g) XX per 100g / XXX Per PortionFat of which Saturated (g) XX per 100g / XXX Per PortionCarbohydrates (g) XX per 100g / XXXX Per PortionCarbohydrates of which Sugars (g) X per 100g / XXX Per PortionFibre (g) X per 100g / XXX Per PortionProtein (g) X per 100g / XXX Per PortionSalt (g) 1 per 100g / XXXX Per PortionStorage informationXXInstructions for use5 pulverisations up to 8 times a day as long as needed.Country of originUnited Kingdom