Skog scent diffuser refill 200 ml

Skog scent diffuser refill 200 ml

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About this product

Born out of a love story between two English men and two Scandinavian women, Skandinavisks products could only be filled with scents that trigger our emotions. The Skog diffuser refill takes you on a walk through the Boreal forests that stretch from the far south to the Arctic Circle. With notes of pine and fir, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley, you just need to close your eyes and inhale the scent to immediately be transported to a Nordic landscape.Skandinavisk scent diffuser refillIncludes: scented liquid refill and new set of reed sticksHow to use: Remove the seal from the diffuser, place the sticks into the liquid the more sticks used the stronger the scent then rotate the sticks weekly, using a paper towel to hold themIncludes: scented liquid refill and new set of reed sticksLasts up to 3 monthsPlease note this product is a refill and does not include the glass diffuser bottleMade in FranceHeight 14cm, diameter4.5 cm (excluding sticks)