Sisley Eau Tropicale De Toilette, Size: 100ml

Sisley Eau Tropicale De Toilette, Size: 100ml

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Fresh, floral and sunny. Eau Tropicale eau de toilette by Sisley is a fragrance reminiscent of the intriguing, sultry and perfumed atmosphere that prevails after a tropical rainstorm. A delightful escape to the heart of a far flung, mysterious land filled with the song of colourful birds, delicious fruits and exotic flower accords. A sparkling, fresh surge highlights the Exotic Floral Notes accentuated by zesty Bergamot and dazzling Ginger. A floral feminine heart within which blossoms a sunny, airy Tuberose magnified by the elegance of the Violet and the radiance of the Rose. A sensual, woody scent softened by Ambrette seeds reveals a pure Patchouli enhanced by a dry Cedar.Sisley Eau Tropicale eau de toiletteNotes: Passionfruit, frangipani, ginger flower, hibiscus, bergamot, violet, tuberose, Turkish rose, ambrette, cedar, patchouli100ml