Serif TV 49"

Serif TV 49"

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The Serif is Samsung's brand new TV for 2019, giving you the best of both worlds by being incredibly stylish when off and packed with outstanding TV technologies when on. This is what we expect from Samsung QLED. Incredible picture quality meets sophisticated style. Isnt your living room ready for something different?See reality with 100% colour volume Samsungs Quantum Dot technology of 2019 The Serif lets you see what youre supposed to see. It uses nano sized quantum dots to produce 100% colour volume, so even if the scene is exceptionally bright or dark youll get the realistic images you expect.HDR 10+ shows what the director intendedEven exceptionally bright or dark scenes cant hide the details anymore. HDR 10+ analyzes each scene, going frame by frame to adjust the brightness to suit the moment. Youll see the details the director wanted you to see come into focus.BixbyThe Serif even lets you talk to it using the power of Samsung Bixby. Controlling your TV with your voice is just the beginning of what it can do. Ask Bixby and get more