Prestige Light-in-White Light-in-Crme refill 50ml

Prestige Light-in-White Light-in-Crme refill 50ml

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About this product

If theres one thing we all search for in skincare, its that ever elusive glow. Beauty powerhouse Dior combines white rose with rose de Granville to create the Light in Crme refill a two in one that effortlessly brightens and rejuvenates. Enriched with Deep Gloss Complex (the labels innovative polishing agent), this light reflecting formula refines, tightening pores and smoothing wrinkles. A miracle product? We think so. Dior Prestige Light in White Light in Crme refillDeep Gloss ComplexTM, White Rose combined with Rose de GranvilleHow to use: Just slip two fingers into the petal and sweep it smoothly over the face in broad polishing movements. The gloss petal applicator is made of soft leather like material and can be cleaned with a slightly damp towel50ml