Phantom Reactor 600 original wireless speaker

Phantom Reactor 600 original wireless speaker

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Devialets new wireless speaker is a compact design with super powers. The Phantom Reactor 600 is equipped with ADH technology that gives you all the sophistication of Class A analogue with all the power and compactness of Class D digital; and a HBI system that reproduces low bass, down to 18Hz. All this so you can listen to your favourite songs with zero distortion, saturation or background noise.SERIOUSLY SOPHISTICATED. HUGELY ADDICTIVE.Meet the most extreme concentration of high technology known to any sound system: 981 parts protected by 100+ patents. Phantom Reactor is the first home speaker designed to take you deeper into sound. From 18Hz to 21kHz, feel every note with phenomenal purity, precision and richness. 0 distortion, 0 saturation and 0 background noise ensure you get nothing but audiophile grade playback, even at 900W. A habit you wont want to quit. Find out what you're both capable of.THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING EXCEPT YOUR TAKE ON MUSIC.Whether youre used to Bluetooth or Wi Fi, optical or analog, Phantom Reactors open architecture lets you have it your way. AirPlay. UPnP. Spotify Connect. Get straight to the music you love.SOLO OR DUO: HOW FAR WILL YOU GO?More than you bargained for, Phantom Reactors spherical design radically redefines Solo performance. Experience beautifully rich and unspoiled acoustics, wherever you are. From first half of 2019, you'll be able to bring second Phantom Reactor into play by performing a simple in app upgrade. With double the power, an even wider soundstage and full on immersion, prepare for home stereo in epic proportions.TAKE CONTROL. OR LOSE IT.Reach out and make contact. Phantom Reactor will behave unless you decide otherwise. Skip to your favorite track. Let the woofers run wild. Demand total silence. Touch controls give you total command of the situation with a single stroke. And if you'd rather stand back, the new Devialet app lets you interact with Phantom Reactor from a distance with absolute precision. Pushing the button on unreasonable sound has never been easier. Your call.LOOKS XXS. SOUNDS XXL.Unreasonably compact for a system this powerful, Phantom Reactor fits in almost anywhere. Made for compulsive listening experiences, the new easy to carry Phantom features every available Devialet technology in under 3 liters. Sound that really moves? You bet.UNIQUE DEVIALET INNOVATIONS.Phantom Reactor embodies the idea of progress were constantly working towards: bringing the depth of emotion of high fidelity sound to as many of you as we can one patented revolution at a time. Irreversibly powerful listening experiences demand permanent innovation. By working non stop to enhance and miniaturize Devialet technologies, we are now able to deliver them to you in the most concentrated format possible. This is Phantom Reactor. Prepare to be moved.ADH (ANALOG DIGITAL HYBRID) TECHNOLOGY.A Devialet patented technology, ADH or Analog Digital Hybrid gives you all the sophistication of Class A analog with all the power and compactness of Class D digital. The best of both worlds. For amplification of unparalleled clarity and transparency, whatever the volume. A feat of electroacoustic engineering, Phantom Reactor uses the same amplification technology as Phantom Premier while taking compactness and efficiency to new extremes. Breathtaking.SAM (SPEAKER ACTIVE MATCHING).We invented SAM mathematical model to ensure immaculate fidelity all throughout playback. Whether youre dealing with transients or steady state signal, the degree of information processed by SAM surpasses anything previously thought possible. This enables Phantom to reproduce the exact rhythm and tempo of your music with absolute precision. So you can feel every last emotion, true to the original.HBI (HEART BASS IMPLOSION) TECHNOLOGY.HBI is a one of a kind system, designed to take you deeper into sound. For the first time, an ultra compact home speaker is able to reproduce ridiculously low bass that resonates beyond the limits of the humar ear, throughtout your entire body. Unleash your music's full potential. All the way down to 18Hz. Phantom Reactor is built around a novel structure: two hermetically sealed woofers powering together under extreme pressure. The sheer thrust force behind each lateral woofer generates physical impact that shouldn't be allowed for loudspeakers this small. Get ready for infrabass you can feel in your bones.ACE (ACTIVE COSPHERICAL ENGINE).ACE is the technology responsible for Phantom Reactors radical spherical architecture. Drawing on Olsons pulsating sphere principle, Phantom Reactor dramatically optimizes the way sound waves form and spread: evenly, and in all directions. For perfectly balanced audio and zero surface diffraction, wherever you are in the room. Dive into sound. By choosing a full range loudspeaker for Phantom Reacto