Oil Pulling Mouthwash Activated Charcoal 100ml

Oil Pulling Mouthwash Activated Charcoal 100ml

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Formulated with activated charcoal from coconut shells, georganics blend of virgin organic coconut oil and peppermint essential oil gives a unique, mildly abrasive quality to mouthwash. The highly porous activated charcoal traps bacteria and effectively removes stains, cleansing and whitening teeth naturally. Use after the Natural Toothpowder Activated Charcoal for maximum results. georganics Oil Pulling Mouthwash Activated CharcoalApplication: Take 1 2 teaspoons of oil. Swish around the mouth for 5 up to 20 minutes. Spit out without rinsing. Store in a dry place up to 12 months from opening100ml