Marshall Woburn bluetooth optical input speaker

Marshall Woburn bluetooth optical input speaker

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Built to thrill, The Woburn bluetooth speaker by Marshall is designed with loud in mind and youll quickly hear by its performance that it holds true to the Marshall name. This loudspeaker hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with ease and has a clear, lifelike mid range. The analogue treble, bass and volume knobs give you custom control of your sound. With unique sound design and quality components, its made to deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range.Classic marshall design detailsThe Woburn features a classic Marshall design, with a vintage looking front fret, gold coloured metal details, and that iconic script logo. Optical inputThe Woburn is all about modern listening capability. Thats why we added the option of connecting digitally via an optical cable. Hook your Woburn up to your TV, Apple TV, Airport express, hard disk player, streaming play and satellite or cable receiver. Optical works with PCM stereo only.The bigger they comeWith its script logo, black vinyl casing and vintage inspired fret grille cloth, the Woburn is an instant rocknroll classic. The Woburn is larger than life with loud in mind!3.5MM input and double ended cableInspired by the golden days of rocknroll, this coiled double ended stereo cable with two 3.5mm plugs is a modern take on the classic telephone guitar cord cable. Kink free and extendable, its your music devices connection to a world of great sound.RCA inputSome of your music knew a time before Bluetooth. Thats why the Woburn enables you to go analogue and connect to those devices that may be collecting dust in your basement. So come on dust off your CD player or turntable (with RIAA) and connect via the RCA input. This input can also be used with your Sonos unit.Bluetooth connectivityUse your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly to your Woburn with no wires attached.