Marshall Stockwell bluetooth speaker with cover

Marshall Stockwell bluetooth speaker with cover

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Built for life on the road, the Stockwell is the smallest travel speaker made by Marshall today. This portable active stereo speaker weighs just 1.20kg, which means itll go wherever you want it to. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are built into the Stockwell, which give it 25 hours of playing time. The handy USB port also allows you to charge your devices when youre on the go.Portable Weighs just 1.20 kg and comes with built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Retractable Knobs Stockwells knobs are retractable, so you can push them in when on the go for added protection. Stay Connected Stockwell features a handy USB port to charge your listening device while youre on the go. You can also use Stockwell for conference calling with the phone button on the control panel. Get Protected The multifunctional flip cover works as a protective cover for your speaker when its not in use, folded flat behind the speaker in order to fit in a narrow space, folded into a triangle position for use as a supportive stand or removed entirely. Phone Use Answer incoming calls by pressing the phone button once. Decline incoming calls by quickly pressing on/off button. To end a call press phone button again. Wireless Music Play Enjoy your music without the hassle of wires. Stockwell comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.