Lotsen wireless multi-room speaker

Lotsen wireless multi-room speaker

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Urbanears is perhaps best known for bringing the very highest sound quality and style to our on the go music, but the latest speaker from the brand is rivalling the icon status of their headphones. Cloaked in a series of vibrant hues, the Lotsen wireless multi room speaker is sleek in size but big in capability. Producing a well balanced sound with pleasing bass kick, music can be played from just about any height and place. Small and CapableThe Urbanears Lotsen Wireless Multi Room Speaker is a small multiroom speaker with big capabilities. It easily fills small to mid sized rooms, producing a well balanced sound with a pleasing bass kick. Lotsen is conveniently sized for compact places like side tables, shelves, and countertops.ConnectivityConnect to your favourite music streaming services, use them as Bluetooth speakers or hook up the turntable. Its all good.PresetsSave up to 7 of your favourite playlists or radio stations so theyre ready when you get home, or when the vibe in the living room changes.MultiroomCombine two or more Connected Speakers to create your own multiroom audio system. Play a different mood in each room or set up a synchronized playdate.SoundThe right vibrations start on the inside. These wireless speakers fill your space with the ultimate in multiroom audio and give your ears an uncompromising experience in sound.Real KnobsForget about cold, cryptic interfaces. These wireless speakers have real knobs. Navigate your music the new old fashioned way with a simple twist and a push.ColoursThese fabric wrapped speakers fit in with any space and play along with your individual tastes. Pick from six different colours, from quiet neutrals to stand out louds.