LiPlay 2-in-1 Hybrid Instant Camera

LiPlay 2-in-1 Hybrid Instant Camera

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About this product

The new generation cant take enough photos. Where theres a memory to be made, theres a shot taken to prove it happened. FUJIFILM is totally aware of that, which is why it introduces innovative designs to make those moments easier to snapshot and promote. This LiPlay 2 in 1 Hybrid Instant Camera can be used as standalone style, as well as with a printer, and allows you to review and edit images before printers so you dont get caught slipping. The selfie mirror may just be your new favourite thing. FUJIFILM Instant CameraLiPlay may be the smallest instax ever, but this all new 2 in1 hybrid instant camera can throw an almighty punch. LiPlay also lets you get into the shot every time. Working with your Smartphone, you can control this clever little instax camera remotely via Bluetooth. Perfect for the tiniest of bags (or even pockets) theres a whole lot to love. For starters this isnt just an instant camera. Its also a smart little printer, so you can also use LiPlay as your Smartphones personal printer. Then theres the top notch digital LCD screen and selfie mirror. The perfect combo for vamping up a storm and ensuring you only ever capture your best side to print, at an impressive 318 DPI, before sharing. And if you want to change up your look, try adding some wings. Or maybe even a moustache. With 30 smart and quirky frames and filters to pick from, you can play with your snaps until your hearts content.Sound, anyone? Select the new record and covert to QR mode and a short sound clip will be recorded with every shot. This sound clip is then printed onto your picture as a QR code, ready for your Smartphone to read and transport you right back to that awesome moment. So grab your favourite shade, slot in your Micro SD card, give it an in camera charge and sling LiPlay into a super handy bum bag. Ready to start printing out high quality instax mini film. Credit card sized master prints that wont disappoint.Smallest instax camera ever Can be used as standalone camera, and/or printer (hybrid model) ability to review images & edit before printing Direct Bluetooth printing via free instax LiPlay app Sound recording & playback via QR code Includes over 30 filters and frames Can pre set shortcuts to favourite editing features for convenience Micro SD card slot Selfie mirror USB port 2.7inch LCD display screen 3 classic colour choices Mini film sold seperately