Leather Nourisher 125ml

Leather Nourisher 125ml

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About this product

We like to think of a session with a Liquiproof LABS product as the equivalent of a spa day, but for your wardrobe. Smoothing and restoring leather clothes and shoes, the Leather Nourisher is formulated with beeswax, creating a durable, water resistant and protective layer over everything from boots to jackets and prevents cracking. Did we mention its non toxic and eco friendly too? Win win.Liquiproof LABS Leather NourisherWARNING: Please check your item for colour fastness before use. If you are using the protector on items with multiple colours, use a completely clean brush/cloth to apply the protector to each coloured section and ensure no liquid runs from one section to another to avoid the risk of colour run/stainingOur nourisher is non toxic, eco friendly and suitable for use on all leathers except suede.125ml