L'air Barbs eau de parfum 100ml

L'air Barbs eau de parfum 100ml

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About this product

The cosmetic cult brand Nineteen Sixty Nine started off as a creative process with artisans in Scandinavia, France and Italy. Featuring a range of unisex fragrances, L'air Barbs is a tribute to Paris, combining the different personas of the city; from the concrete alleyways to the namesake area. Expect notes of fresh lemon, concrete and ink. It's a cold, fresh and light, just like you'd expect the air that fills the city to be.Nineteen Sixty Nine eau de pafumTop: aldehyds, fresh lemon, bergamotMid: concrete, ylang ylang extract oil, tuberoseBase: ambrox, orris, cummin seeds, ink, leather, dry woods, white musk100ml