Kraken PC Gaming Headset

Kraken PC Gaming Headset

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About this product

Since its inception, the Razer Kraken PC Gaming Headset has built a reputation as a cult classic within the gaming community. It made its mark as a staple at countless gaming events, conventions, and tournaments. Now improved, the features of this crowd favourite to not just give its audio quality a boost but also make it more comfortable so you can game all day with the headset you love. This is the new Razer Kraken.Clear & Powerful SoundEnjoy superior sound clarity and deep, punchy bass for a wide soundscape. From subtle footsteps sneaking up behind you to climatic explosions that blow you away, every sound detail is heard when youre gaming with the Razer Kraken.Thicker Headband PaddingWeve improved the headband padding and made it even thicker so it relieves more pressure on your head for long lasting comfort. The Bauxite aluminum frame of the Razer Kraken makes it lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable.Play Comfortably for HoursIn order to take comfort to the next level, weve added cooling gel infused ear cushions to reduce heat build up. The soft cloth and leatherette combination provides a plush feel and sound isolation that lets you enjoy long gaming marathons.