Its My Match porcelain bowl 17cm
Villeroy & Boch

Its My Match porcelain bowl 17cm

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About this product

Since 1748 (thats right, well over 250 years ago), Villeroy & Boch has been honing and refining its ceramics craftsmanship and to prove it, you need only look at this Its My Match bowl. Sure, its made from top notch porcelain and shaped the ideal size for all kinds of breakfasts or dinners, but what sets it apart? Well, its been rumbled polished not glazed so you can write a little message for your loved one and wash it away later. Cool, huh?Villeroy & Boch porcelain serving bowlRound shape, polishedDishwasher safe, microwave safeRings or other objects can leave small marks on its surfaceDimensions: 17cm x h6.5cm