Ifrit In-Ear Headset

Ifrit In-Ear Headset

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About this product

The Razer lfrit is an in ear headset and broadcaster grade mic packaged to be the perfect unobtrusive broadcasting solution. It does this by making you sound exactly like yourself, and for the audience that means a true to life stream of your voice without background noise. So that's great for the audience. For the spaeker, it's so slim and lightweight you won't even know you have it on. You want your audience to hear you exactly the way you do in real life. The Razer lfrit has its own adjustable condenser mic that reduces the pickup of background noise without the need to position it on a mic arm, giving you true to life quality so your stream sounds amazing always. The Razer USB Audio Enhancer is an analog to digital converter that takes audio quality up a notch while reducing static and background noise. The converter enables two people to speak through one devicejust plug in an additional headset to start co streaming. For those who dont want to be encumbered by a full sized headset when streaming, the Razer Ifrits slim frame and over the ear design makes it super discreet, keeping all focus on you during a broadcast. Its also so lightweight, you can stream for hours without even feeling it on.