GLOW Colour Enhancer 177ml

GLOW Colour Enhancer 177ml

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About this product

Norma Kamali might have started her career in vintage fashion back in the 60s, but now shes expanding her horizons to include beauty, too, by launching Normakamalife. Always the innovator, she crafts this GLOW Colour Enhancer as a make up alternative. It flushes your skin with a healthy, post workout style radiance and builds natural looking colour within hours. Massage onto your face or apply from head to toe to create a full body glow.Normakamalife GLOW Colour EnhancerApplication: apply a thin layer on dry face and neck, avoiding eye area. Massage GLOW into skin until the cream is no longer visible. Add another layer for a deeper glow. Apply head to toe for a full body effect. Color builds within hours. Wash hands after application. Use SOFT morning and evening to add longevity and richness to the glow. 177ml