Final Audio Design F7200 lightweight in-ear headphones
Final Audio Design

Final Audio Design F7200 lightweight in-ear headphones

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About this product

One of the worlds smallest earphones, dont let the small size of the extremely lightweight F7200 from Final Audio Design fool you. These elegant earphones may only weigh 2g but are capable of providing an ultra wide soundstage, producing rich base and detailed audio sound quality. With a modern design and a detachable cable for convenience, the smaller weight and size of these headphones make these an ultra comfortable audio choice.Incredibly smallThe Final F7200 is an incredibly small and lightweight earphone. With a diameter of only 5.5mm and a housing weight of 2g, the F7200 is one of the smallest earphones available today. Extremely comfortableThe light build leads to an extremely high level of comfort, and the small housing allows the listener to place the earphone deeper into the ear canal for greater noise isolation and bass response.Engaging soundBy utilising unique balanced armature drivers, the F7200 is able to produce a massive soundstage, with vast stereo imaging and dynamic response. The balance armature is capable of producing rich and defined bass, detailed and engaging mids and fast, exciting highs.Detachable cableThe F7200 uses an MMCX connector to allow the listener to detach the cable. The included silver coated cable is produced by the Junkosha Corporation who also use it in supercomputers, due to the fast signal transmission speed. This cable allows for the fast, dynamic tone of the F7200.Beautiful presentationThe F7200 is made to Finals exacting standards and, as a result, is a simply beautiful object. The included carry case has been specially designed for the F series and guarantees that the F7200 will remain beautiful even during transport.