Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One

Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One

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17 years after a nuclear doomsday, Hope County, Montana, has changed in unexpected ways, giving way to a "superbloom," creating a lush, colourful landscape that survivors have begun to re populate with makeshift buildings. It's a lawless frontier where people are struggling to get by and you'll be able to experience it all with a friend in co op, or on your own as a lone gunslinger in Far Cry New Dawn for Microsoft Xbox One.New Dawn marks the first game in the Far Cry series that the story continues on to a sequel. The game takes place seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5.Outposts now include increasingly challenging difficulty levels with the new escalation system! After defeating an outpost, you can decide to claim the area for yourself or scavenge the remaining resources for Ethanol.When anything and everything can happen, it is never too much to have someone watching your back. Whether it's Hurk, a boar, or whoever you want, you can recruit an eclectic cast of Guns and Fangs for Hire to fight by your side. You can even play with a friend in co op.