Family SPF30 25ml

Family SPF30 25ml

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About this product

Founded in 1992 in Switzerland by Chemist Tazio Tettamanti, Ultrasun has over 25 years in skin protection expertise with a whole range of formulas protecting from harmful UV and UB rays. Fast absorbing, non greasy and non sticky, this SPF30 contains liposomal UVA and UVB sun protection ideal for all the family and use on very sensitive skin.Ultrasun Family SPF30Application: Always apply sun protection to cool, clean, dry skin in the shade (ideally indoors) 15 30 minutes before you or your children go into the sun. Its important that this step is followed, regardless of what sun cream brand you choose, as if applied in direct sunlight, sun cream can evaporate from the skins surface before it has a chance to bond and therefore becomes less effectiveHow much: Apply liberally to all exposed, or potentially exposed, parts of the body. The official guidelines given by Colipa (Association of European Cosmetic Industry) are 2mg/cm2 this approximately corresponds to one teaspoon worth for the face25ml