Extinction PS4 Game

Extinction PS4 Game

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War is waging between humans and ogres known as the Ravenii and you are trained to protect humans and take on these giant foes. Extinction for Sony PS4, take down ogres that are 150 feet tall coming to destroy all humans as one the worlds last defenders named Avil. Traverse horizontally and vertically, wall run, zip from building to building and climb these beasts to stop them from destroying anyone in their path.Story CampaignYou must protect the human population of the land from the Ravenii, rescue civilians by taking down brutal opponents of all sizes.Side QuestsTackle side quests of various objectives in order to earn points to upgrade your skills that can help you in your story.Skill Based CombatOn the ground, on building tops, or zip through the air performing deadly aerial attacks. Learn to develop your combat skills to take down enemies on the ground or to take down giant creatures much taller than you. Upgrade skills that best fit your play style so you can play the game, the way you like.Interactive WorldMove around this world around you, on the ground or zip through the air, run along walls of this world with fully destructible environments and use objects in the world to your advantage.Unique modesWhen not playing the campaign you can enjoy other modes such as Skirmish and Extinction mode. Skirmish mode are designed to test players abilities to complete objectives to get the best score on the leaderboard. Extinction mode have you fighting off wave after wave on ogres and minions, how long will you last?