Erborian Ladies BB Shot Mask, Size: 15g

Erborian Ladies BB Shot Mask, Size: 15g

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About this product

Designed to provide an instant beauty boosting effect, the Blanc de Shot Mask by Erborian helps to give a baby skin effect thanks to a structure made from smooth cellulose fibres that effectively diffuse its active ingredients. With its pearly finish, the mask acts like a true concentrate for a flawless complexion delivering results comparable to those of a serum for an illuminated look.Erborian Blanc de Shot MaskApplication: apply light pressure on the mask packaging before opening to distribute the product on the fabric, then unfold the mask and apply to dry face. Leave on for 15 minutes, remove mask, and then use your fingers to pat any remaining product into the skin. Your skin is ready for the next steps in your beauty ritual. Single use mask for instant results.15g