E11D In-Ear Headphones
Sound Magic

E11D In-Ear Headphones

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About this product

Equipped with the same carefully tuned dynamic drivers nestled in an all aluminium housing as the standard E11. The SoundMAGIC E11D In Ear Headphones include the SoundMAGIC high resolution silver plated audio cable to make sure the signal transmission is clean and fast paced. This silver plated copper cable also eliminates interference with a special pair shielding wire structure design.Superior USB C SoundExceeding the standard performance of traditional jack connection, E11D is able to provide more accuracy and detail through the USB C jack connector with inbuilt DAC. It raises performance levels of the E11D even more with stunning resolution, balanced execution and more headroom. Elegant Aluminium HousingCompletely crafted from aluminium in a high precision cutting process and finished with a unique hand painting process, the lightweight and robust housing of the E11D displays a delicate texture with a refined and elegant appearance.Silver Plated CableTo ensure the best signal transmission the E11D have been fitted with a high quality silver plated copper cable to effectively reduce the loss of signal quality and obtain high resolution sound levels.Comfortable Isolating DesignE11D combine ergonomic angled sound tubes with an in ear fit that seals the ear canal totally with soft silicone eartips to provide a secure fit with total sound isolation and immersive listening.