Diptyque 34 boulevard Saint-Germain hourglass diffuser 75ml

Diptyque 34 boulevard Saint-Germain hourglass diffuser 75ml

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Born in 1961 at 34 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, diptyque has achieved near legendary status for its range of candles and fragrances. Allowing you to fill your home with a beautiful scent without the hazard of an open flame, a diffuser offers a great alternative to scented candles. This scent features a rich and voluptuous fragrance, named after the labels place of inception, centres around a chypre backbone with notes of wood and balms.diptyque hourglass diffuser Fragrance: 34 boulevard Saint Germain75mlPlease note:The hourglass is designed to give a slow, gradual diffusion of fragrance ideal for scenting small rooms or specific areasThe hourglass functions on a natural cold diffusion process which allows it to diffuse a subtle scent in a localised areaDo not place the hourglass diffuser directly on a surface that could be damagedNever interrupt the diffusion cycle as this can cause leaking. Once the cycle has finished, wait 15mins before turning the hourglass overTighten the glass pieces on a regular basis to ensure a good seal on the central part of the diffuserYour hourglass can be refilled once with the same fragrance. This will last approx. three months (based on 2 cycles per day) until the fragrance evaporates completely